Local Matters - Perth Scorpions VBC Compete for Funding

Published Fri 05 Jul 2024

The Perth Scorpions – established in 2020 as a response to the increased social isolation that COVID-19 brought with it – has recently made great strides in developing our young club into a real force for change and competitive volleyball. Our mission is to cultivate a positive and inclusive volleyball environment, one where anyone can be supported in achieving their goals. Regardless of background or skill, we provide a space where players can better themselves through the sport, without compromising who they are.

We are furthering our mission, alongside responsible governance and a drive to compete at elite levels – seeing great success in recent times! In 2023, we fielded our first WAVL team, and in 2024, have continued to compete in the league at even higher levels. Off the court, we’ve established a thriving events portfolio. Hosting a successful beach volleyball fundraiser earlier in the year, we are continuing to advocate for our club with our first-ever (and sold out) quiz night fundraiser. Simultaneously, we have developed an innovative partnerships portfolio, aligning our mission with solutions for accelerated growth. This vision is alive and well, even securing a $1000 grant from Bulk Nutrients to innovate upon our semi-annual Have-A-Go Day.

The partnerships portfolio continues to make advances, and from July 1st, the club will compete amongst other worthy causes in Grill’d Leederville’s Local Matters program. Votes will support our efforts in streamlining our club’s image, better spreading the word, and reflecting our continued growth and development as a provider of quality volleyball initiatives.

These achievements represent an exciting new chapter for the Perth Scorpions. We’re building a different kind of volleyball, one based on a positive and inclusive community who value development, competition, and fun. Support our mission – head down to Grill’d Leederville in July and support the club with the best volley vibes around!