About Us

About the Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club

Welcome to the Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club family!


The Perth Scorpions are here to promote connections and friendships through a shared passion for volleyball. We are committed to our vision – to promote diversity, individuality, and community by creating a safe environment where members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and our allies, can feel safe, accepted, and included.

To realise our vision we work tirelessly to build the club by promoting our values of integrity, inclusivity, honesty, accountability and transparency, and duty. We earnestly strive to continuously improve the club by expanding our offerings, building connections with our community, and giving back to our members. 

The heart of our club is found at our weekend skills sessions. This is where we work together to build our skills and put our abilities to the test through social games. Here, we welcome new members and show them what we're about. Our community is enhanced by our weeknight social games, which provides a relaxed atmosphere where all can come together to test their newly developed skills against players of all abilities.

For those with a more competitive streak, we field teams locally in the Loftus Recreation Centre's weeknight league. Many new players have quickly made their way from complete novice to fiery competitor through this avenue. For more seasoned competitors, PSVC also submits teams to the State Volleyball League, showcasing the immense talent of our athletes and coaching staff. 

Whether you're a seasoned player or a complete beginner, we know there is a place for you here, and one where you will be supported in achieving your goals at whatever level you choose. Come down to our skills session, learn a thing or two, and play with our vibrant members to get to know what we're all about. Why not? Your first session is free!

See you on court soon, 

Shaun Barnett

PSVC President 


Our History

Scott and Alex – who both identify as gay men – had been playing indoor beach volleyball socially, when gal pal Shae joined them. Through their love of Volleyball, the three friends set about formulating a club. In it's first 12 months, the Perth Scorpions grew to over 50 members, largely from the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as allies who supported the club in its early days.  As the numbers grew, so did an interest in the indoor hardcourt game. Now, our club is an established indoor-court club, showcasing our athletes at some of the highest levels of competition and boasting over 200 members!

Perth Scorpions was originally inspired by the health benefits that keeping active and being a part of a team can bring to the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in the face of disproportionate marginalisation, risk of mental illness, and suicide. The club promotes an inclusive environment to welcome our LGBTQIA+ siblings, and to make them feel apart of a community and no longer alone.


Our Pursuits

VWA Diversity Council 

Our established diversity sub-committee liaises with our peak sporting bodies – Volleyball WA and Volleyball Australia – to advocate for and advise on issues relating to inclusion in sport. In an unprecedented partnership, we are the premier club shaping safer and more inclusive policy in Australian volleyball.

We have actively participated in shaping both the Unity and Pride Cups, events which demonstrate the values we wish to be incorporated at the highest levels of competition. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond our immediate circles, we are shaping the future of volleyball right here! 



Pride Parade

2023 marked a milestone for the club when we proudly marched in the Perth Pride Parade, embracing diversity and showcasing our commitment to inclusivity. 


Awards Night

2023 also marked the relaunch of our end of season awards night! We celebrate the hard work of every member who has made the club what it is over the past year. Coaches, members, team captains, and referees alike, were recognised for their substantial contribution to our club.