Perth Steel Celebrate International Women's Day

Published Mon 25 Mar 2024

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March 2024.

On this significant day, we unite our voices with individuals worldwide, echoing a resounding message for equal rights: "Women's rights are human rights!"

We celebrate the diverse facets of all women, embracing intersections of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, and disability. Our celebration extends to those who paved the way before us, those standing beside us now, and those who will follow.

To commemorate this day, the Perth Scorpions invited the Women's WA Steel to come down and to share their knowledge and expertise in one of our open training sessions. The Club was very excited to have 3 athletes be able to come down and coach, advise and join in with the session.

A little about the WA Steel
The Perth Steel are Western Australia’s top Men’s and Women’s volleyball teams who compete annually in the new Scape Australian Volleyball Super League. In 2023 the teams were victorious, winning Gold in both the women’s and men’s competitions. Shelby Maher (Mentioned Below) also won the MVP award for the season. We were lucky enough to have Jackie Tamburri (Setter), Elysse Hislop (Middle Blocker) and Shelby Maher (Opposite Hitter) join us.

Jackie had this to say about the day:
“We had a great time hanging out with the Perth Scorpions on Sunday for their International Women’s Day training session. It was so lovely to be around an inclusive community who just loves to play volleyball. You can truly feel the joy that the sport brings them. The whole crew was open and eager to receive feedback from Elysse, Shelby, and I, and they all proved to be very quick learners in just a short session. What we enjoyed the most though were all the laughs we had with the members. As Steel players we are used to taking volleyball very seriously all the time, so getting to experience the fun, social and welcoming vibe that the Club has built was refreshing and reminded us why we love volleyball too.”

Both Coaches and Members learnt a lot from having the WA Steel come down and express their knowledge. Some of our members had this to say:
“The WA Steel were all really helpful and absolutely enjoyed it. They Gave me great tips for setting and using my body to assist with directing and setting but also with adding power to my spiking as I was arching my back (didn’t know) versus opening up my torso and following through after spike contact!” - Iosefo Tapusoa

“Yeah it was good change of pace and having more hands giving tips and pointer to everyone is always a good thing. I think it’s also good for players to see in person people playing the game professionally in their state and helps us as a club interact and get to know other volleyball players” - Tony Snaith

“It was so helpful to have the Steel players join us for training. Learned a huge amount about spiking technique and was able to get pointers on my setting that I've never heard before. It's inspiring to meet people, especially other women, who play at such a high level. Would love to join another training in future!” - Isabella Houston 

We look forward to having the WA steel come down to more training sessions to divulge all the experience and knowledge they have to the club. Overall was a very fun and educational day.