Everything you need to know about WAVL

Published Thu 04 Jan 2024

The WA Volleyball League is the state’s premier Indoor Volleyball competition held at centres across the metropolitan area from May to September. Here is all the information that you need to know.



Competition Format

WAVL is broken in to two core competitions, men’s, and women's. The gameplay between these two competitions is vastly different, including a different net height. Each competition has divisions starting at State League, then State League Reserves, Division 1, Division 1 Reserves, following these four, it goes into Division 2, 3, 4... etc. The competition rules state that a club cannot enter a team in to the first four divisions unless they had a team in that division the following year. The Competition works using a Promotion and Relegation format at the end of each year, ie. the top team from Division 2 is invited into Division 1 reserves and so on. The bottom team from each of the top four divisions is then relegated to the division below.

PSVC is looking to enter teams into WAVL from Division Two and below. Each team will be allocated a Coach who will be present at your training sessions and at most games.

The competition lasts for 16 playing rounds, then moves in to 3 rounds of finals, for a total of 19 playing weeks. Round one is on Sunday May 5th, with a round every Sunday until September 8th (Grand Finals). There is no game on Sunday August 4th. Games are played on a Sunday at any time from between 8am and 6pm. They are played across the metro area at different venues each week. Depending on the teams that are in the division, a team may be required to travel to Busselton and/or Mandurah for one weekend to play an away round with that club.

Teams may also be rostered on for a "Duty" before or after their scheduled game. A "Duty" is where the team is required to officiate the game, including a 1st Referee, 2nd Referee, Scorers and Line Judges. Teams will receive roughly 8 duties throughout the season. Team members that would like to undertake the 1st, 2nd referee or scorer role within the team will be required to attend an induction training session and complete their Level 1 Referee accreditation from Volleyball Australia. 

Games are best of 5 sets, timed. Each game slot has a 10-minute official warm-up and 1 hour and 50 minutes of game play. If a game is scheduled for 8am, the warm-up starts at 7.50am with the whistle for first serve at 8am. To win a set a team must achieve 25 points, with an advantage of 2 points. The fifth set is played to 15, with an advantage of two. WAVL cannot have a draw, in the instance of a 2-2 set score and the final set, if points are drawn at the end of time, then the next point will win.


Team members are expected to be available for pre-season training from the beginning of March. PSVC is working on securing dates and times for training venues and will update perspective players as soon as practical. Training will occur once a week, on a weeknight, roughly between the hours of 7pm and 9pm. PSCV is endeavouring to locate a venue that is close to the city for training. Once the season commences, it is expected that team members continue to attend training on a regular basis.

Allowances have been made in the past, and can be made again for thoes members and athletes that are working FIFO jobs.


Other than your own travel costs to get to and from games and training, you need to consider that you will receive an invoice for the below:

  • WAVL Nomination Fees
  • WAVL Training Fees
  • WAVL Uniforms (NB: WAVL Uniforms are different to the PSVC Social Uniforms, and thus an new uniform must be ordered).
  • End of Year Awards Night

Last year, these costs totalled $550 or roughly $30 per week for the season. We are expecting the 2024 fees to either be similar or less than 2023. We do not foresee the fees increasing for the 2024 season. This is subject to change pending fee structures from VWA.

Additionally, each player in WAVL is required to purchase a VWA Platinum Membership at their own expense.


To be selected for a WAVL team, athletes must attend trials. Trial information, dates and registrations can be found here: Events - Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club. The Men’s competition will undertake 3 trial sessions, and the women’s competition will undertake 2. It is essential that athletes attempt to attend all their associated sessions. If you are unable to attend all the sessions, please contact the club.

Post trials, teams will be announced in early March, where athletes will have one (1) week to accept or decline the offer. Your offer will include, your proposed team, your proposed position, and your coach.

If you accept, then part of your trial fees will be allocated to your WAVL fees as a deposit. Your fees for WAVL will be come due and payable at that time, and you must either pay the fees or set up a payment plan to ensure that your fees are paid off over the season.

If you decline, you will not receive a refund for your trial fees.

Pre-Trial training in Janurary is already open and available to athletes here: Training - Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club


If you would like any further information, please reach out. I look forward to seeing all of you at Trials and Pre-Season trainng.

Shaun Barnett (he/him)
Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club