Scorpions Represent at State League Pride Round!

Published Sun 30 Jun 2024

In a landmark event for the Western Australian volleyball community, the inaugural State League Volleyball Pride Round took place this weekend, marking a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity in the sport. Among the distinguished officials overseeing the matches were Shaun Barnett and David Forster from the Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club.

The Pride Round, organized by UWA Volleyball, aimed to celebrate and support LGBTQIA+ athletes, coaches, officials, and supporters within the volleyball community. Shaun and David, were selected to be part of the officiating team for this historic occasion. David was appointed as the 2nd Referee for the State League Womens game, and as the Scorer for the Mens game. Shaun had the honor of being appointed as 1st Referee for the State League Mens game, and scored for the Womens game. Their involvement not only highlighted their expertise but also underscored the club's commitment to promoting equality and acceptance within the sport.

"This was a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a cause that is close to our hearts," remarked Shaun, reflecting on the event. "Being able to officiate matches that celebrate diversity and inclusion sends a powerful message of unity within our volleyball family."

The Pride Round featured spirited competitions across various divisions, with all teams rocking rainbow-themed socks and spectators waving pride flags in solidarity. Players and coaches from participating clubs expressed gratitude for the initiative, acknowledging the positive impact it has on fostering a more inclusive sporting culture.

The success of the Pride Round has paved the way for future initiatives aimed at creating a safe and supportive environment for all participants in volleyball. As the sport continues to evolve, events like these serve as a reminder of the power of sports to bring people together and drive social change.

Shaun and David, alongside their colleagues and fellow officials, Jimi Baird, are hopeful that their participation in this groundbreaking event will inspire others to embrace diversity and advocate for equality in sports and beyond. With their commitment and leadership, Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club stands at the forefront of promoting inclusivity in Western Australian volleyball.

Thank you to the UWA Volleyball Club for organising and leading the first WAVL Pride Round. Thank you also to all the PSVC members who came down to support the day.

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